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Cannot provide a certificate with no key Qt 5.7 on iOS

  • Hi all,

    I can't load key for certificate on Qt 5.7
    I'm testing on mac OS Sierra, iOS Simulator, Xcode 8.1

    I have an app that uses Qt 5.4.1 with custom openssl compiled for iOS.
    Now I'm trying to switch to Qt 5.7 and to ssl API provided by iOS (so my life would be easier on AppStore)

    Old setup with compiled Qt 5.4.1 and openssl linked works
    New setup with Qt 5.7 installed from unified installer - doesn't work - can't load ssl key.


    works but then if I check

    QSslKey key=socket->privateKey();
    qDebug()<<"key is null:"<<key.isNull();

    key is null: true
    So certificate can't be loaded and I got error: "Cannot provide a certificate with no key"

    I'm using the same piece of code with Qt 5.7 on Andoid and Linux, so it looks like just the problem on iOS

    Best Regards

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