Example to use setFocus or setFocusPolicy in embedded device

  • Hi i am using Qt-5.5.1 and i am developing and application for my embedded device and i want to use setFocus and setFocusPolicy to highlight buttons in the way as of our feature phones.
    Ex:- In our feature phones when we open Menu that is present in ListView and when we reach the bottom of menu and if we click down arrow at the last menu item then it will automatically goes to top i.e to the first option.

    In such a way i need to develop the application and i for that i thought setFocus is the suitable method and got to know that setFocus does not works well for embedded device in order to use i need to use QEvent::softwareinputreason.I am not getting how to use or develop this application is there any other way to achieve this functionality.

    Please suggest me with an example if it is possible.

    Thanks in advance,

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