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Qt interface with cypress usb 2

  • Hi
    I for install usb use cypress usb.2 and get a manual form cypress forum but I cant understand how I Compiling CyAPI.

    Compiling CyAPI

    The C++ USB API from Cypress needs to be recompiled with MinGW before we use it to build our project. Extract the source code to a folder and then run the following in a command prompt:

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Qt\Tools\mingw482_32\bin
    mingw32-make %

    And this requires a Makefile with the following contents:

    del CyAPI.*
    g++ src/CyAPI.cpp -lsetupapi -I inc -c -o CyAPI.o -Wno-conversion-null
    ar rcs CyAPI.a CyAPI.o
    This generates the CyAPI.a static library which we’ll link against in our project.

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    Since it looks like a one file library, why not just include it in your project ?

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