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Visual Studio Add-In Fooled me

  • When I saw the Visual Studio Add-In, I thought, hmm might be interesting to add that to my Linux installation of QT Creator so that I could download some open source but VS oriented project and compile it under Linux! Boy was that a mistake! I started using Linux in 1998 and have had no interest in designing anything to run on Windows since that time. I don't mind if MS wants to "play nice" for the moment, but I have no desire to use either their OS nor their development tools. It's over MS!

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    @eengnerd Do I understand you correctly: you tried to install a plug-in for VisualStudio (which isn't developed by MS by the way) in QtCreator? You really expect this to work? How is MS related to QtCreator and Qt VS plug-in? And how did it fool you? If it is for VisualStudio then nobody should expect it to work with QtCreator...
    To me your post sounds like the usual MS bashing. I'm not a supporter of MS. I use Windows and Linux at home and develop software on Linux for a Linux based system in my job. I just don't like if people go to a forum and bash a company there instead to ask questions or help others...

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