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Qt for Android building problem!

  • Hi!
    These days I have try my best to build a open resource project, which is written by Qt, when I build it, the problem have stuck me for several days , I desperately need someone who have the same experience can share how to solve it! That is :
    19:21:23: 为项目qgroundcontrol执行步骤 ...
    19:21:23: 配置没有改变, 跳过 qmake 步骤。
    19:21:23: 正在启动 "C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\Tools\mingw492_32\bin\mingw32-make.exe"

    linking release\
    arm-linux-androideabi-g++: error: obj\moc_ArduPlaneFirmwarelugin.obj: No such file or directory
    makefile:977: recipe for target 'release\' failed
    mingw32-make: *** [release\] Error 1

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    might probably be fixed by simply rerunning qmake and a clean rebuild.

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    Object files for the 2 compilers listed are not named as .obj. So right there that tells me you are mixing windows (visual studio) object files with g++ or mingw object files which are .o.

    The other thing I notice is you are using 2 different (maybe 3 if you include visual studio) compilers. arm-linux-androideabi-g++ is not compatible with mingw32. They produce very different binaries/object files and can't be mixed.

  • @Davekawk I have the same problem did you manage to solve it?

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