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different scale of Designer and App - how to fix it?

  • Hello!
    Want to run a downloaded Qt-project on Windows 10.
    I'm able to modify the UI, but if I start the app
    all widgest are too small and narrowly,
    only the text-fonts are as defined in designer.

    Have you a fast advice for newbie**?**

    Thank you

    here the comparison:
    scale differs

  • Moderators

    Open the form with Qt creator and set a layout to that mess. Right click on the bottommost widget (the background) right click and select Set layout > Grid layout from the context menu.

    Kind regards.

  • Thank you for your fast answer

    I could do as you suggested.

    Now there is a other quirk;

    a QToolBox with 4 QWidget's vertical aligned.

    In started up only the half is visible, movable with sliders.

    If I enlarge the toolbox all is enlarged.

    Where to do enlarge, that all is visible without sliders?

    Thank you

  • Moderators

    You lost me. Could you attach another screenshot of what the other "quirk" is?

  • here the running App
    There is a drawing area and a toolbox area, which I want to enlarge

  • @Erhy

    1. QBoxLayout::setStretch(int index, int stretch) and use i.e. vertical layout. In this case it should be (most probably) QBoxLayout::setStretch( 0, 0) this will expand first widget based on it's content layouts setup.
    2. set fixed size for QToolBox
    3. use Splitters with will allow to manually resize areas. I think this is most appropriate solution for this case.

  • @LuGRU Thank you,
    after some online tutorials I was able to fix it.