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Qt Based TouchScreen GUI for ARM9

  • I want to work in HMI domain and have started learning it.

    In first stage I want to develop Qt GUI based touchscreen application for ARM9 board. Can anyone please suggest how to go for it and any budget ARM9 Dev board with integrated touchscreen lcd for this purpose? I want to use opensource platform as much as possible.

    I know I can do it with more ease on an ARM board which support some OS like (say) embedded linux or may be rasberry pi with java or Qt based GUI. But I do not want to use OS rather want to develop just a simple touch screen GUI application to (say) turn a LED on the ARM board (without running any OS).

    My next step of learning will be using touch screen GUI, Rasberry PI with raspbian, where I have already found numerous resources Online.

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    Qt requires an OS to run so you can't use it for that but if you want to write GUI for bare metal devices you can use ugfx.

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