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Qt Creator stuck after few moments with Windows10

  • Hi,

    I am trying to develop with Qt within Windows 10. When I am using QtCreator, after few moments, Qt Creator seems to enter into a "infinite loop" even if the CPU "does not work" (I mean, it is at 0% load).
    I can't do nothing, I can't close it, I can't write code, or open file. The only thing I can do is to do "ctrl alt del" and kill the process ^^
    Is there somethig to do in Windows 10?
    I tried both Qt with online installer, with Visual C++, with MinGW, or offline installer etc...
    Thanks for your help :)

  • @qnope

    The toolchains Visual C++ and also MinGW shall be independent to Qt creator and have no influence.

    Try to open creator directly from a command prompt to see if there are error messages issued.

  • Hello,

    I tryed to do what you adviced me, but there is no information at all :/
    I only have that, (or maybe I didn't use prompt in the good way ^^)


  • @qnope

    Here is an older post and you may the problem.
    You seem to have started correctly from command prompt. So add "-noload Welcome" and see if it is a problem with the welcome screen as given also in the post mentioned.

  • Even if it is ugly (as I loved the Welcome page) and really weird... It seems to work, I will try in more details later ^^.
    Thanks !

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