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Qt Creator not starting just after install

  • Since I have installed Qt 5.5 on my windows 10 pc all the features including Qt Designer etc are working correctly except the Qt creator. After install, if Qt creator is tried to be opened it shows nothing, no error message, no window nothing, the screen remains as it is. Although Qt creator does appears as a task in the task manager window but it closes automatically after 1-2 min. I have also tried to run that through cmd but again nothing happened no error message appeared. So I decided to shift to an older edition and the latest edition of Qt which is working correctly is Qt 5.3.2 containing Qt creator 3.2.1, after this every version continues to bear the same problem....

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Try to start it from command line with "-noload Welcome" parameter.
    If it is working then disable the Welcome plug-in permanently in "Help/About Plugins...".

  • not working

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Try to disable your anti-virus software

  • @jsulm Thank you! I encountered the same problem and starting without Welcome worked for me! :)

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