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Qt 5.7 : No compiler can produce for this Qt version (Clang 64) in OSX

  • After update macOS sierra & Xcode 8, Qt Creator can't find Clang compiler.
    Preference>> Build&run>>Kits >> Auto-detected >> Desktop Qt 5.7.0 clang 64bit said No compiler set in kit.

    Also "Qt Version" said "No compiler can produce code for this Qt version. Please define one or more compilers."

    here are some snapshot.
    compiler reconize error

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Xcode 8 has brought some changes that broke stuff here and there in the building logic.

    Fixes have already been devised for future Qt releases. In the mean time, take a look at this thread to modify your installation to make it work with Xcode 8.

  • thank you so much. i've spend fixing this almost one week! :)

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    You're welcome !

    Since you have it working now, please mark the thread as solved using the "Topic Tools" button so that other forum users may know a solution has been found :)

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