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Which variables are automatically generated by qmake? E.g. xxxxx_build_dir

  • Hi,
    I am trying to understand how qmake works.

    In the .pro file of the spectrum example, there is a variable spectrum_build_dir which is explicitly defined for macx and win32 scopes, but not for Unix/Linux.

    For Linux, this variable must therefore be automatically generated , based on the name of the TARGET? If so, where can I find the documentation about these automatically generated/derived variables?


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    @Diracsbracket You can use message() function in pro file to print the value of a variable:


    spectrum_build_dir does not sound like a variable automatically generated by QMake, I guess it is something defined in the pro file for that particular project. If it is not set for Linux then it will be an empty string (print its value using message() to check).

  • Thanks jsulm!
    I didn't consider the possibility that a variable may just not be set.
    The message($$spectrum_build_dir) trick confirmed that the variable is empty indeed.

    Thanks again!

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