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How to build Qt For Windows Mobile 6.5

  • I need to write Qt application for WM 6.5.

    1. Is it possibile to build Qt 5 (e. g. 5.11) for Windows Mobile 6.5.3 and how???
    2. Is Qt 4.8 offically supports wince (or supported ever) wince ?
    3. Can I compile modules that comes after Qt4 (e.g. QSerialPort Qt 5.1 +) whit qt4 and how
    4. Can I use Qt Creator IDE instead of MSVC2008 for developing (IDE ONLY)
    5. Is it possible build whith openssl support ?
    6. And finaly what means "NMAKE : fatal error U1077: return code '0xc0000135'"?
      I got this error every time i try to build!

  • And is it possible to compile QJson on target platform.
    AFAIK QJson does not included in qt. And does anybody know alternative way, to parse JSON on WM6.5

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