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QT Creator complaining about MSVC Build and Run kit

  • I have a simple question as in the topic title... Here is a screenshot of my results, I have Visual Studio 2015 Community installed and installed the MSVC compiler using such. QT Creator is still complaining and I couldn't find anything on google. This is only for 64 bit MSVC:

    alt text

  • Hi! Funnily Visual Studio only ships with stipped down versions of the Windows SDKs. You need to install the debugging tools (CDB) seperately. The archive page for Windows 10 and previous Windows versions is E.g for Windows 10 you need to install the SDK from "Windows 10 SDK (14393) and Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10 mobile". For Windows 7 it's "Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4". During the installation process you need to make sure you install the "Debugging tools for Windows".

  • Thanks Wieland... I actually already installed Win 10 SDK since I require some its libraries. It is version 14393. I obtained it here however. Is this the same you linked to?

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    It looks like you installed a 32bit debugger rather than a 64 version.

  • How to install 64 bit debugger?

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    Check that you don't already have it in Program Files or in the same folder under x86_64 or amd64.

  • Thanks SGaist I got it working. I just changed the debugger like below as you suggested. It appears as if QT Creator is a little broken since it didn't do it automatically. What do you think?
    alt text

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    Well, pure speculation here but if you installed both one after the other but started Qt Creator in between, the detection went for the first version of gdb it found. Then there was no need to try to detect again that a new version was available.

    In any case, glad you found out !

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  • On second thought it might have been my fault, I noticed sometimes when scrolling with the mouse wheel in the Options window I would inadvertently scroll one of the dropdown list boxes like Device: or Debugger:.

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