How/when to modify AndroidManifest.xml for commandline build?

  • I'm building an Android apk using qmake, make & androiddeployqt (all build scripted; I'm not using Qt Creator). It works good, but there are some configuration "app metadata" things I want to do (like locking orientation to landscape mode) which apparently need me to edit AndroidManifest.xml. Thing is, the first time I ever see an AndroidManifest.xml is when androiddeployqt creates a couple of them in the deployment target folder (one in the folder, another apparently identical one in the bin/ subdir)... and then there's one baked into the .apk when it's done.

    At what point am I supposed to make modifications to the AndroidManifest.xml file? If I copied one into the target deployment folder before androiddeployqt ran, would it respect it? Or is the idea to edit the file in the apk somehow?

    I'm a bit more used to the iOS system where I get a chance to mess with the Info.plist file, in it between the make -spec macx-xcode (which I think creates one) and the macdeployqt. In the Mac world, there's a PListBuddy tool for modifying .plist files (although I used to resort to sed in my build scripts before I discovered that); any equivalent supposed to be used for modifying Android manifests?

  • Aha... just found mention of ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR in ... says androiddeployqt will copy an AndroidManifest.xml from there... will give it a try.

  • OK, in my app's .pro file, for android builds ANDROID_PACKAGE_SOURCE_DIR points at a folder where my build script does:

        cp ${QTDIR}/src/android/templates/AndroidManifest.xml .
        sed 's|android:screenOrientation="unspecified"|android:screenOrientation="sensorLandscape"|' < AndroidManifest.xml > AndroidManifest.xml.tmp
        mv AndroidManifest.xml.tmp AndroidManifest.xml
        sed 's|"org.qtproject.example"|"int_.myorg.myapp"|' < AndroidManifest.xml > AndroidManifest.xml.tmp
        mv AndroidManifest.xml.tmp AndroidManifest.xml
        sed 's|"-- %%INSERT_APP_NAME%% --"|"My Application Name"|' < AndroidManifest.xml > AndroidManifest.xml.tmp  # But don't override %%INSERT_APP_LIB_NAME%%!
        mv AndroidManifest.xml.tmp AndroidManifest.xml

    (The int_ is bit obscure... but int.myorg.myapp really doesn't work; see !)

    ...and that gets me an application which is landscape locked, displays "My Application Name" to the user, and which creates a data area int_.myorg.myapp.

    Next step is to figure out how to provide an icon.

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