Limitation of Image Dimension

  • Is there some limitation of image dimensions? I have the following code:

    m_pImage = new QImage(m_pcData, nWidth, nHeight, QImage::Format_Grayscale8);
    pixmap = QPixmap::fromImage(*m_pImage);

    Each time I try to load an image where the width is not a multiple of 4 fromImage blows up.

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    @qt27 said in Limitation of Image Dimension:

    blows up

    What do you mean by "blows up"?

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    There is a limitation but it has nothing to do with your code.

    Here it is clearly stated:

    Constructs an image with the given width, height and format, that uses an existing read-only memory buffer, data. The width and height must be specified in pixels, data must be 32-bit aligned, and each scanline of data in the image must also be 32-bit aligned.

  • Ah, thanks kshegunov. I looked into the documentation of QPixmap because that one threw an exception.

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