Configuring Qt with '-gstreamer 1.0'

  • I am new to this community and QT development so I apologize if my question is out of space.
    Currently I'm working on a stream app, that takes a m3u8 link as it's source in the MediaPlayer. However the problem is that the newer linux versions (currently on Linux mint 18) don't support gstreamer0.10 (actually the bad plugin) which I believe is the default for QT.

    I did see in the QT 5.5 (I'm using QT5.7) change log that it now has support for the gstreamer1.0 version, but I do not know how to set it up. Am I supposed to compile the source code with the gstreamer1.0 flag or is there any other less painful solution ?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The most painless would be to go with 5.8 (currently beta) Gstreamer 1 will be the default.

    Otherwise you don't have rebuilt of all of Qt, just the QtMultimedia module.

  • Thank you wary much for the fast reply. For now I was able to install the 0.10 plugins, so it will work as a temporary fix for testing purposes.

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