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Debugging release build on Android

  • Hi, All!

    When building a release build, (also known as gdbserver) is not put into libs folder, and thus not included to apk. So, debugging not possible.

    If I use ANDROID_EXTRA_LIBS to force inclusion, then my newly created sample application just crashes upon startup.

    I wonder, what is the proper way to add gdbserver into release binary and make it work?

    The final goal is to debug a bug that happens only in the release build. It's enough to make debugger work on any host: Mac, Xubuntu, Windows.

    Update: Qt version prior to 5.7.0 are not affected, both files gdbserver and are copied by androiddeployqt.exe from NDK into libs\armeabi-v7a. Adding "gdbserver" as an extra lib does not work because Qt wants it to be file staring with lib and ending with so.

    Hence, the updated question is there any way to add extra parameters to androiddeployqt.exe? Specifically --gdbServer

  • Hi,
    I would actually ask that on the interest mailing list or maybe even on development

    And when you find out, please post here too :)

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