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Qt Installer Doesn't Work

  • Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, brand new machine with nothing installed.

    I installed MinGW with MSYS and the basic dev tools (gcc and make) from

    I installed Qt 4.8.5 (mingw) from

    I installed Qt Creator 4.1.0 from

    I selected the mingw installation path when prompted during setup.

    Qt Creator didn't autodetect anything, I tried setting things up manually (there is no manual setup documentation really) by randomly going through the various tabs in Qt Creator but wasn't able to get a functioning environment set up.

    I also tried uninstalling Qt 4.8.5 then reinstalling to see if the order mattered but that didn't change anything (the Qt installer and uninstaller take like 15-20 minutes, which didn't ease the pain).

    Isn't "autodetect" supposed to "automatically" "detect" Qt and mingw installations?

    Please advise. How do I make Qt Creator work, since the installers don't seem to install anything properly?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @mnbv You should not install MinGW from MSYS.
    Qt Online Installer allows you to install MinGW - that's the simplest solution and was always working for me.
    So, use Qt Online Installer to install Qt for MinGW, MinGW and QtCreator.
    Another benefit of doing so: you will have the Qt Maintenance Tool which you can use to add/remove other stuff and to update your installation.
    A note: Qt 4.8.5 is not the latest Qt 4.8 version. Do you really have to use Qt 4.8? Latest version is 5.7.

  • @jsulm I do really have to use 4.8. I will uninstall everything and try the online installer from scratch.

    I picked 4.8.5 instead of 4.8.6 because in all of the mingw installers were named qt-win-opensource-4.8.x-mingw.exe except the 4.8.6 installer, which was named qt-opensource-windows-x86-mingw482-4.8.6-1.exe. I didn't know or want to know what the "482" after "mingw" meant or why the filename was generally different so I just decided to try and avoid a surprise for now (although I did not avoid a surprise...). I don't like when things like that are inexplicably different.

    Thanks, I'm sure everything will be smoother with the online installer. I will give it a shot.

    Still, even with installing the components separately, why would the Qt Creator installer not auto detect the Qt installation, and not detect the MinGW installation even though I entered the path in the installer? Isn't auto detect supposed to work?

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    @mnbv said in Qt Installer Doesn't Work:


    this is the MinGW version: 4.8.2
    -1 is the build number (I guess were was a fix without version number increase).
    Both are not things to worry about.
    I think there is no online installer for Qt 4.8

  • @jsulm I don't think so. The latest version of MinGW is 3.22 (, and they use a two number version scheme.

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    @mnbv I mean it is the GCC version delivered with MinGW.

  • @jsulm That makes sense.

    So does that mean Qt 4.8.6 requires GCC <=, ==, or >= 4.8.2? And then there are no constraints on GCC version for Qt 4.8.5, since the GCC version number isn't in the 4.8.5 installer filename?

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    @mnbv It only means that that package contains GCC 4.8.2 and that Qt in that package whas build with this particular version.
    Which other versions are supported that I don't know, it should be stated somewhere (release notes?).
    There are constrains for all versions (you will for sure not be able to use GCC 2.x :-)), but I'm quite sure Qt 4.8.x have very similar compiler requirements.

  • Well I do need Qt4 and the online installer does not work with Qt4. So does anybody know how to install Qt4 with Qt Creator? I don't understand why it doesn't work or why it isn't documented, or why it's even difficult.

  • hi @mnbv ,

    You can find all the Qt versions here. . You can find the suitable version for you.

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