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Help with what should i include for translation at my app.

  • So i am trying to add/remove tr("") at every text that i have at my app..
    But i bumped into some problems..
    First: I have a buttongroup and it is called buttongroup. At Qt Linguist i see that i can translate "buttongroup". Why? How can i disable it?
    Second: What about html codes? Should i leave the translation point like this?
    @<a href=""><span>WebSite</span></a>@

    Or how can i point the translation only at "Website"
    Third: What about the licence? Should it be translatable? License is very long and i don't think anyone would translate the licence too.

    Thanks again, Leon

    1. just don't translate buttongroup if you don't see it in your program.

    2. try using the arg function on your html code string

    3. IANAL but in my opinion the licence should not be translated. Have a look at the GPGL website for instance. Several people have translated it, but the english version says it's the only official one.

    1. I don't want to ignore it.. Can't i somehow disable it to be translatable?

    2. What exactly do you mean?
      @<a href=""><span>.<arg>WebSite</arg></span></a>@

    3. Ok thanks

    4. Should i translate this when showing a dialog? @tr("%1 Files (.%2);;All Files ()")@

    1. You don't want to translate, don't want to ignore. What do you want? :)
    2. QString::arg()
    3. Why not?

  • 1 Eddy said to me not to translate it. So basically ignore it. I don't want to ignore it.. I just don't want to be translatable.
    2.Something like this?
    @ui->label_5->setText(QString::arg("<a href=""><span>WebSite</span></a>"));
    Which of course doesn't work..

    1. try this. it works for me.

    EDIT :
    QString www("website");

    QString str = QString("


    EDIT : now you can use it like this

    Hint : mention the " to get it as one string including " characters

    PS : i've put the solution one character per line to avoid the editor hiding the details. So just put them on one line and go!

    1. @QString site = QString("Bla %1 bla").arg(tr("Website"))@

    P.S. All it contains in the documentation.

  • I added an orange color too.

    @QString str = QString("<a ><span font-family:'Sans'; font-size:10pt; text-decoration: underline; color:#ff5500;"<span>%1</span></a>").arg(tr("Website"));

    The editor hides some things as Eddy said..

    Another Question:
    What about "this":
    I don't think i should do it the same way, :/

  • Hi Leon,

    I don't understand your question you added by EDIT.

    What do you want exactly?

    Maybe it's better to ask in another topic if it's another specific question?

  • Ok i will..

  • I found solution for 1.

    <attribute name="buttonGroup">

    This string needs the notr="true" flag so it doesn't appear in Linguist :)

  • Good for you!

    Thanks for sharing, but could you use several lines like i did. I think some of the code has dissapeared because the editor interprets it.

  • No i just checked it and nothing has disappeared :)

  • Ok thanks,

    I asked because i didn't see a not true flag.

  • Using the arg function with tr() i see that at qt linquist i see the %1%2 part...
    Is it a problem?
    Is there a way not be able to see %1%2?

    EDIT: What about dots and "!"?
    EDIT2: What about unicode text? How can this be translatable? I mean something like this:
    @QString::fromUtf8("and it will change every ½ hour")@

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