qt 5.6 kit for qt 5.7 ?

  • Hi , Qt 5.7 won't support my Level 15 device anymore . I have been looking into replacing my Android 4.04 O/S with JellybeanO/S onto the older Samsung Devince. I also want to look at adding a qt 5.6 based kit since I was able to create code for the machine when I was using 5.6. I have found in version 5.7 they have no longer access to anything less than Level 16 . So, maybe I can put a 5.6 kit into 5.7 somehow?

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    don't you think there is a reason why the minimum API level changed?

  • @raven-worx
    Well , I am a bit nervous about updating the API level on my Android as my bro seems to have bricked his computer by upgrading his O/S on it. So, I make the move to upgrade with some trepidation. Also, I was experimenting around with QT 5.6 and somehow added in some kits from earlier versions. Now, I cannot say that I know the QT IDE as well as many of the others here, so I might ask some questions. Usually , I try to look up answers to them somewhere online before I post them here.

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    @Lineaxe said in qt 5.6 kit for qt 5.7 ?:

    Well , I am a bit nervous about updating the API level on my Android as my bro seems to have bricked his computer by upgrading his O/S on it

    An Android SDK upgrade bricked his computer???

    Anyway, you still can try to overwrite the minimum SDK in the build.gradle file and check if your app still runs an runs into any crucial exception.

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    " bricked his computer"
    It bricked his android device, i assume ?
    It's not possible to brick a computer, except bios upgrades.

  • @mrjj Well the only details I got from him was that he was upgrading a newer Android based 10 inch tablet so He could dual boot to the free Windows 10 along with his Android device's Linux based O/S . Somewhere in the middle of the process it died. I never did get much more into the details ,but he says it won't charge up anymore. The machine was less than 6 months old when it crashed. So, I will leave it to him to see if there is a recovery system installed for that tablet. Anyhow it wasn't an Android SDK upgrade. Still I am not wanting to do the android O/S update until I research it out and find the best version of android O/S and which recovery tool is best suited for my older 10 inch Samsung Tablet.

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    I used ClockWorkMod
    To backup original firmware before playing aorund with custom roms.
    Was pretty nice to work with.

  • I have been doing some research into that one for the UBUNTU machine. I think I might switch over to my Windows 7 to do the job though since all the articles I have found so far refer to using the windows O/S.

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