minSdkVersion in Qt 5.8 Android ?

  • hi
    i using Qt 5.8 for Android (it is Alpha release).
    when i want to run Qt Quick Controls 2 samples in Android 4.0.4 in deploy step have error Invalid minSdkVersion version, minSdkVersion must be >= 16 but in Qt 5.7 you can use minSdkVersion from 9, if i remove minSdkVersion from manifest file after deploy step in run time in Android device show to me error dialog Unsupported Android Version.

    i use :

    • Android for armeabi-v7a (GCC 4.9, Qt 5.8.0)
    • Android SDK 19
    • Android NDK r10e-rc4 (64-bit)

    test in Samsung Galaxy j5 android 5.1.1 without problem
    test in Sony Xperia mini android 4.0.4 with above problem.

  • You write that if you leave required information out from the manifest you get an error? Well. don't remove minSdkVersion and you won't get an error...

    If the problem is that Qt 5.8 doesn't support lower SDK versions, it just doesn't. Don't use it to target old devices. It is not mandatory to use the latest SDK. Just use the one that supports your target devices.

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