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Qt 5.6.2 release?...

  • Looking at, Qt 5.6.2 was supposed to be released on 27 September (and even earlier than that in fact, but then the updated plan got updated too).

    I am currently using a patched version of Qt 5.6.1-1 and I am ready to release a new version of my application. So, with Qt 5.6.2 being around the corner, I would like to wait until it is out before releasing a new version of my application, but I have now been waiting for nearly 2 weeks, so...

    When can we really expect Qt 5.6.2 to be out?...

    Cheers, Alan.

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    From the last week's release meeting:

    1. 2 Blockers have been found and fixed.
    2. 5.6.2 should be released earliest this week.

    If you'd like to follow the release cycle more closely, you can subscribe to the releasing mailing list.

  • Thanks @SGaist and my bad because I was aware of that mailing list. It's just that checking the archive for that mailing list, I looked for a subject that contained "5.6.2", but I can indeed see here the information you just mentioned. Ok, fingers crossed that 5.6.2 gets released sometime this week then (there is only one blocking issue at this stage; see here).

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    The fix for this problem has been cherry picked in 5.6.2 and integrated.

  • Yes, I saw that, which actually makes me wonder why it's still listed as 'unresolved'. I guess I am missing something...

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    Usually it boils down to the bug assignee not having updated it yet.

  • +1 here. Still waiting for Qt 5.6.2 release for about 3 weeks, but there is no update in both the releasing mailing archive and the wiki page:

    Will 5.6.2 be released really within this week? I am on the same boat as agarny - ready for deploying updated version of my application, but cannot deploy due to several bugs exist in Qt 5.6.1-1. If 5.6.2 cannot be released till this weekend, could you update the new planned date on the wiki page? Leaving the wiki page with outdated plan makes me feel Qt as a dead project, and it is not possible to decide whether wait more for 5.6.2 release or not... :(

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    The 5.6.2 final packages are ready for testing.

    Unless a blocker is found in between, it should be released during next week.

    For more information, see here.

  • Indeed. Now, I am just hoping that nothing is going to delay the release even further. Fingers crossed! :)

  • Nice to hear that. I really appreciate all your efforts :D

  • For those who are not subscribed to the Releasing mailing list: Qt 5.6.2 is most probably going to be released today (see here).

  • Ok, I thought I would check for updates using Qt's Maintenance Tool and... Qt 5.6.2 is out! Yeah! :)

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