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Jahshaka VR alpha release

  • We have finally managed to release the alpha version of the Jahshaka VR authoring toolkit under the GPL and wanted to invite people to jump in, look at the code and help out. We have been working on it for 6 months now and its starting to stabilize. We are getting a 12 month plan in place but our goal is to have a solid beta out within the next 6 months.

    For our first release, to simplify development, we built everything using Qt3d - but as a result there are a lot of fundamental problems that exist that we cant get support for from KDAB to help resolve. All requests in forums or on the mailing list have been totally ignored and when we reached out to them directly we got a quote for £10,000

    So we have decided to build out our own 3D engine on top of QOpenGL and will see how that goes. We will open that process up to anyone who wants to participate and will happily support anyone using it for free.

    Please try the project out and let us know what you think.


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    @jahshaka Thanks for sharing. It will definitely be useful for someone.

  • thanks - we are hard at work on the beta release now which will have full VR support... and we are working on moving the UI into the virtual space which will be quite a challenge

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    @jahshaka Glad to hear the progress. We hope you get new contributors.

  • Hey, i'm the lead developer of JashakaVR. Our project is a very ambitious one and we've worked hard to get it to the point it is at today. Support from the Qt community will be very helpful in making it a success . :)

  • Hi, i'm the UI UX designer for the project, if anyone have suggestions about its design and experience please share your feedback.

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    Just tried it for 2 mins but it feels good.

    Like a mix of 3d Studio max / premier and Blender.

    I felt at home
    and navigation as easy and smooth.

    The World tree and property/settings band works very well.

    Im no fan of "modern" flat design but the contrast is fine and it's easy to spot
    edit fields and buttons so it was not "in the way" by any means
    and it fit in naturally in win 10. So good job!

  • @mrjj thanks for the feedback - good to know it feels good :) not bad for a alpha, the beta will be much cleaner

    We would really like to hear your ideas on how to move the interface into the Virtual World as that will be the real challenge for us.... so many ways to do this we dont know where to start really though we do have some ideas.

  • Would also be great to find out how it runs on Linux on a proper 3D setup - should build just fine as there are no requirements other than Qt

  • Hi

    I tested in windows and linux it works fine on both, good performance, fluid movements when moving, scaling objects.
    It failled to compile on first attempt in linux, I had to correct a small typo in mainwindow.cpp, line 41, I changed it to #include <Qt3DRender/QObjectPicker> (remove the .h). I nottice some small bugs, when deleting a object, some stuff it seems are not immediatly updated. The desing and UI looks very nice, easy to use. The point light is very cool, very nice to move it and watch the light on the objects. Note that I have very little knowledge on this kind of programs.
    Congratulations to you guys, this seems a very cool project.

  • Good design demonstration, thanks

  • As we get ready for the new Jahshaka Alpha 2 release we wanted to share some screenshots so you can see where its going as a teaser ! We also have working Oculus VR support i this release.

    mesh files can contain multiple submeshes

    Gizmos and selection icons for translation, rotation and scaling with selection halos

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