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    I have created a custom component for my application and need to generate qdoc and html files which could provide info to other developers using the app. I have used the designated tags in the app i.e., \qmltype, \qmlmethod.

    Could you detail me the steps how to create doc for custom components?

    Kindly advice

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    TEMPLATE = aux
    QMAKE_DOCS = /path/to/my/documentation/config/file.qdocconf

    in a project file to generate a target for building the documentation. Issue make docs to actually build it.

  • @kshegunov
    Could you please provide me an example of qdocconf file along with a sample project?

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    Sorry for the delay I missed the notification somehow. Anyway, it exactly as I've posted it you just set the QMAKE_DOCS with the path to the qdoc configuration file. Here's a sample; it's a module so ignore most of it take a look at the project file and the doc folder.

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