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Qt with OpenCV deployment

  • I have a Qt application which uses OpenCV.
    OpenCV works fine if I run the application within Qt Creator. If I try to deploy it to a Windows computer, all the Qt parts work fine but the Video playback doesn't work (and therefore I guess also all the other OpenCV functions).
    My depends output has a few errors (API-MS-WIN-CORE-WINRT...) but the OpenCV dll's are ok.
    Could it be because of these missing API-MS-WIN-CORE dll's? Or do I need to specify something specific for 3rd Party software prior to building it in Qt creator?
    Thank you!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What video format are you trying to load on your other machine ?

  • @SGaist Hey, I've tried with mp4 and avi files but both don't work.

    To clarify: I've installed Qt Creator on the Windows machine and there everything works fine but on the same machine when I try to launch the app outside Qt Creator the OpenCV parts don't work. I've also tried to save a frame from the videocapture to check if any OpenCV function works but that doesn't work either. Therefore it's not just the video playback.
    The app doesn't crash but it seems that all the opencv functions are not executed.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    When executing your application outside Qt Creator, you have to follow the same deployment step as you would to distribute your application.

  • @SGaist I know, but the fact that there is no error that dll's are missing or something and that OpenCV should run on this computer seems awkward to me.

    Edit: I've solved the problem. The path variable to the opencv binaries was set to an old path. After I've installed Qt and compiled everything with mingw I didn't change the path variable but in the .pro file of the Qt Project the includepath was correct. Therefore the opencv functions worked inside Qt creator but not when I tried to start it outside. Thank you nevertheless ;)

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    You may have another application in your PATH that is also using OpenCV

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