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QDeclarativeListProperty add item from qml application

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    favorite is there any why to add item to QDeclarativeListProperty from qml file at run time? in a loop, for example:

    @var i;
    for(i = 0 ; i < 100 ; ++i)
    listOfItems.append(MyItem {text:"list"+i})
    and listOfItems is the QDeclarativeListProperty list...
    i don't want to do that:
    MyItem{text:"list val1"},
    MyItem{text:"list val2"},
    ] @

    i have a lot of item that should be in this list

  • In order for this to work, you need to implement the "AppendFunction":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/latest/qdeclarativelistproperty.html#AppendFunction-typedef of QDeclarativeListProperty. The example below shows how that can be done. It also implement "ClearFunction":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/qdeclarativelistproperty.html#ClearFunction-typedef so that it cleans up correctly.

    #include <QtDeclarative>

    class MyObject : public QObject
    Q_PROPERTY(QDeclarativeListProperty<MyObject> getInfo READ getInfo CONSTANT)

    QDeclarativeListProperty<MyObject> getInfo() 
        for (int i = 0; i < 10; ++i) 
            list << new MyObject(); 


        return QDeclarativeListProperty<MyObject>(this, 0, &MyObject::appendObject, 0, 0, &MyObject::clearObject); 
    static void appendObject(QDeclarativeListProperty<MyObject> *l, MyObject *obj)
        MyObject *object = qobject_cast<MyObject *>(l->object);
        if (object)
            object->list << obj;
    static void clearObject(QDeclarativeListProperty<MyObject> *l)
        qDebug("In clear");
        MyObject *object = qobject_cast<MyObject *>(l->object);
        if (object) {
            foreach (MyObject *o, object->list)
                delete o;
    QList<MyObject *> list;


  • but this way you can only add items to the list in the qml file like this:

    getInfo :[
    MyObject {...},
    MyObject {...},
    MyObject {...}

    i wan't to know if there is any way to add items to this list in a loop, because i have a lot of items to append into the list.

  • I have a similar requirement: Append item to an initialized list property from QML application at run-time.

    This is what we can do right now, at the initialization stage:

    @MyElement {
    id: myElement

    listOfItems: [                   
        MyItem {text: "list val1"}, 
        MyItem {text: "list val2"}     


    This is what I would like to do additionally, at run time:

    @myElement.listOfItems.append(MyItem {text: "list val3" });@


    @MyItem {
    id: myItem3

     text: "list val3"


    But neither "append()" works. This means that QDeclarativeListProperty is static once initialized in QML. This is a big limitation. Refer to the "Birthday Party" example. We have an initial list of guests. Later a new guest wants to join the fun. Will this be possible?

  • This seems to be a very big limit to QDeclarativeListProperty<T*> properties. I couldn't find a way to dynamically append items to a QDeclarativeListProperty list from QML nor to dynamically create a new list and replace the old list with a new one. I can't believe that this was overlooked by Trolltech guys, it's a serious limitation if you want to do application logic with QML and Javascript, or am I missing a point here?

  • As an alternative solution, this is what I do when a dynamic list is needed: Derive a new class from QAbstractListModel and expose it to QML, or somehow make use of ListModel.

    When only a static list is needed, QDeclarativeListProperty appears to be a very good choice.

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