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Multi-Level SUBDIRS Project Dependencies

  • I have a multi-level SUBDIRS project that I am having trouble trying to define dependencies for. Take for example the following project structure:

    • Project A (subdirs)
      • Project A.1 (subdirs)
        • Project A.1.1 (lib)
        • Project A.1.2 (app)
      • Project A.2 (subdirs)
        • Project A.2.1 (lib)
        • Project A.2.2 (app)
      • Project A.3 (subdirs)
        • Project A.3.1 (lib)
        • Project A.3.2 (app)

    Now lets say the app in Project A.3.2 depends on the library from Project A.1.1. How do I go about setting the dependencies in the SUBDIRS projects? I know in a SUBDIRS project you can set the dependencies for immediate subdirectory projects... but that only works for Projects on the same level of depth. How do I set up dependencies for SUBDIRS projects that go beyond one level of depth?

  • You can set Project A.3 (subdirs) to depend on Project A.1 (subdirs) of course this create a problem if Project A.1.2 (app) depends on Project A.3.1 (lib)