Difference between setContextProperty and Qml registertype.

  • Hi,

    I created an UserAccessCtlr .cpp/UserAccessCtlr .h, which has methods. This method has to call from main.qml.
    I had used to QQmlContext in the main.cpp to link the .cpp/.h files. Is it the right way, since I saw in sample, qmlRegistType.

    Option 1:
    qmlRegisterType<MapQuickView>("Esri.QTQCPPXMLIntegrationV1", 1, 0, "MapView");

    Option 2:
    QQmlContext *context = appEngine.rootContext();
    UserAccessCtlr *useraccessctlr = new UserAccessCtlr();

    What is the difference and which one i have to use it?

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    Option 1 makes your type known to the QML engine and then you can instantiate new objects from that type directly in your QML code.

    Option 2 "adds" an object to the context that you can use from your QML code.

    Which one to use depends on what you want to do with that object.

    Hope it helps.

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