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Google analytics on Qt

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a Qt application for Symbian, and one of the requirements is to track the usage using Google Analytics.

    I tried embedding the google analytics code into a QWebView::setContent with no luck.

    Has anybody ever tried this? can it be done?


    David Moreno

  • I do not understand the question.

    Do you use some web based contents in some application and want to track what the user does there using google analytics? Then just embed it into the contents as you would do with any other web page.

  • I'm using normal Qt widgets and I want to use google analytics to have statistics on where in the application the users are: videos, news...

  • I doubt that this will be possible with google analytics.

  • Hi I have used google analytics in past, but the first problem to check is if the server to be monitored is setup correctly.

    There are some instructions not simple on the google site. Then when you have the setup done and you can see the analytics working. Then if it is not possible to proceed in different ways (I think that Tobias is right) it is possible to get analytics data using some web method, just like the twitter feeds are read. I think that this is possible.

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