virtualKeyboard not sending events to qt application in Embedded Linux i.MX6 platform

  • I am trying to use githubuser0xFFFF's virtual keyboard with Qt5.5 on embedded linux system:

    When the virtual keyboard runs QGuiApplication::focusObject() it crashes my qt program with "QCoreApplication::sendEvent: Unexpected null receiver"

    void DeclarativeInputEngine::sendKeyToFocusItem(const QString& text)
        qDebug() << "CDeclarativeInputEngine::sendKeyToFocusItem " << text;
        QInputMethodEvent ev;
        if (text == QString("\x7F"))
            //delete one char
        } else
            //add some text

    How do I correctly connect my virtual keyboard declarative engine to my qt program in an embedded environment? Because the virtual keyboard works as expected on Ubuntu 14.04 development environment.


  • @T_Eng Also to say that my GUI is Qt Quick Qml code and I am trying to fill a TextField qml type

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