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MapBox and HERE ok on OSX but not working on IOS

  • Hello, I have an application that displays a map with a Polyline overlay and the application builds and works as expected on OSX. When I build and deploy on IOS the application works and I get no new error messages but the map is simply blank. This happens whether I use MapBox or HERE. I was originally using MapQuest before the license change and MapQuest worked on IOS and OSX. I am using Qt 5.7.0 and QtLocation 5.6. I have included below some code extracts. I generate the Map in C++ then use the createMap() function to inject the code into the QML. The code is for MapBox but I have a HERE version which does the same thing. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. With no error message I'm not sure where to start!

    import QtLocation 5.6;
    Map { anchors.fill: parent; plugin: mapBoxPlugin; MapPolyline { line.width: 3; line.color: 'green'; path: [ { longitude: -4.93616, latitude: 54.4058, altitude: 6123.53 }, { longitude: -4.93287, latitude: 54.4049, altitude: 6127.04 }, 
    { longitude: -4.92937, latitude: 54.4039, altitude: 6129.64 }, { longitude: -4.92621, latitude: 54.4029, altitude: 6130.84 }, { longitude: -4.92267, latitude: 54.4019, altitude: 6132.23 }, { longitude: -4.91917, latitude: 54.4009, altitude: 6134.3 }, { lon
    gitude: -4.91596, latitude: 54.4, altitude: 6136.69 }, { longitude: -4.91248, latitude: 54.399, altitude: 6139.55 }, { longitude: -4.90894, latitude: 54.398, altitude: 6142.6 }, { longitude: -4.90577, latitude: 54.397, altitude: 6145.43 }, { longitude: -4.
    9023, latitude: 54.396, altitude: 6148.65 }, { longitude: -4.89884, latitude: 54.395, altitude: 6151.95 }, { longitude: -4.89591, latitude: 54.3942, altitude: 6154.82 }, { longitude: -4.89323, latitude: 54.3934, altitude: 6157.52 }, { longitude: -4.88997, latitude: 54.3925, altitude: 6160.79 }]; } MapPolyline { line.width: 7; line.color: 'orange'; path: [ ]; } }
    function createMap(map) {
    	var newObject = Qt.createQmlObject( map, eventMap, "dynamicMap");
    	newObject. fitViewportToMapItems();
    	return "eventMap - Done It!";
    Plugin {
    	id: mapBoxPlugin
    	name: "mapbox"
    	PluginParameter { name: "mapbox.access_token"; value: "pk.RemovedActualToken!" }
    	PluginParameter { name: "mapbox.map_id"; value: "" }

  • You should register to mapbox and then take a real token for your app.

  • Thank you Nick. I do have a real Token and as I mentioned in my post the code works correctly in OSX. I just removed the real Token from the code.

  • Then you should see the permissions of the ios.

  • How do I see the permissions of the ios? Do you know what permissions I need to check?

  • You can see it using xcode. I don't know the exact permission of the ios. You could try using this:

    name: "mapbox"
    name: "mapbox.map_id";
    value: "mapbox.streets"
    name: "mapbox.access_token";
    value: " your token"
    As You can see the only difference is map id. Try it.

  • I have just tried using mapbox.streets as the map_id. As before it works on OSX but gives me nothing on IOS. I get no error messages, no map tiles and no path.

  • Hi AddTheBadd,
    did you find a solution for your problem? Same here, using the google plugin from vladest works perfect on android but under ios nothing is displayed and no error message :(

  • I had the same problem, but adding the following to the project's .pro file fixed the issue:
    QT += qml quick positioning sensors location network

    I had no errors before so no idea what was happening, but seems like just for iOS these are explicitly needed for the map plugin to work properly.

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