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Install Qt Creator 4.0.0 or migrate project

  • Hi,
    I have received a project created with Qt Creator 4.0.0. I am under Ubuntu 16.04, have installed the latest version of Qt Creator but the .pro file is not visible when I want to open the project. Checking on the .pro.user file I've seen it was created with version 4.0.0.
    As I don't know anything about Qt Creator I kindly ask for help so that to be able to load, build and run the project. I imagine that I either have to install that version or to use an import mechanism from the latest version.

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    Do you mean to develop? If not, and you only want to build the project, then you don't need Qt Creator. One usually builds with qmake from the command line when the intention is only to run something. Also the .pro.user file is the Creator's configuration, which isn't portable. You should delete it and reconfigure the project when you open it in the IDE.

  • Thanks for the reply. I really want to get my hands on Qt Creator, slightly modifying the existing project. Therefore you recommend: download & install the latest Qt Creator pack, then delete .pro.user and re-build the project. Please confirm

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    @Ginger @kshegunov did not suggest to update QtCreator, he suggested to delete the .pro.user file, then it should work with your current QtCreator.

  • Thanks, that's it.

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