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QBS Support for Qt on Android

  • I am trying to port an qt application from desktop to Android but so far I am out of luck, because I use the qbs build system with a lot of submodules also using qbs. When I try to build my application for Android I get the following error:

    The profile 'qtc_Android__37e8f197-armv5te' does not exist.

    So I would like to know if qbs is supported for qt on Android? And if it's not supported what would be the best way to circumvent my problem?

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    Please ask on QBS mailing list (or IRC) - that is where you are most likely to get an answer.

  • Ok. I will try that and report back. Thank you for your answer.

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    For the record, here is the reply from qbs mailing list:

    Jake Petroules wrote:
    "Android support in Qt Creator with Qbs is unfortunately not yet supported. For now, you'll have to build on the command line.
    See QBS-881, QBS-992, QBS-991"