Beginner - Problems with maintenance tool and creating a new project

  • I am very new to QT so forgive me if I ask any stupid questions!

    I have downloaded the QT online installer (v5.7) and I have QT creator (v4.1.0). I tried to start a new project on creator but when it gets to the kit selection it says no kits available. It then suggests that I use the maintenance tool to add any kits. I go to the maintenance tool.exe file and run it, but nothing happens, nothing pops up or no error messages, just nothing.

    I read somewhere about something to do with the .dat file but I couldnt find any worthwhile information.

    Can anyone suggest anything?

    Thanks in advance


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    @Tony-Hibbert Hi!
    So, you downloaded the online installer. Then I guess you started it, right? What did you install? It sounds like you installed QtCreator. What about Qt?
    If the Maintenance Tool does not start try to disable your anti virus software before starting it.

  • @ Hey!

    Yer I have downloaded Qcreator, so I can begin to make a new project I just can't get any further! Now you say that it has reminded me that I am on a network with certain priveleges that may not allow me to run it! I will speak to the admin and get back to you!

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    @Tony-Hibbert If you cannot use online installer, you can download an offline installer from here:
    Make sure you download the right one! What the right one is depends on the compiler you're going to use.

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