sending data to excel file

  • Hii all, I am new to QT.Though my question may be silly. But still, I am trying to make a general purpose form filling app. I want to get data from line edit and send it to google spreadsheet online. Can anyone help me out for this. Means i am able to store data in a file on my local drive but how to make connection so that I can send it online to shared spreadsheet.

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    good luck on your journey my friend

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    From a quick look the Google Spreadsheet API documentation, it looks like they don't provide a C++ library to do that. So if you're new to programming, I'd recommend taking a look at PyQt5 so you could use the Python quickstart example of the Spreadsheet API as a base to integrate with your Qt application.

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    They provide a .Net API so C++/CLI should be able to handle it

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