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Error installing Qt 5.7 emulator in 64-bit Ubuntu

  • Dear fellow coders, I want to install Qt emulator on my 64-bit Ubuntu, which is running in VirtualBox virtual machine.
    I already have VirtualBox installed on my host windows PC (otherwise won't be able to run 64-bit Ubuntu) but it seems that the installer is unable to detect my VirtualBox path in windows itself. Is there any path reference I need to do?
    0_1473305768452_64-bit virtualbox error.JPG

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    What emulator are you referring to ?

  • Hi @SGaist , i'm finally back aft some network issues!. The emulator is for Qt 5.7 itself.

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    Again: what do you mean by emulator ? Do you mean your virtual machine ?

  • Oh, my apologies, i'm referring to the Qt creator emulator.

    At the point of installation, there's an option to install emulator so I can compile & run everything in Qt Creator itself.

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    What Qt Creator emulator ?

    Qt Creator itself is an IDE

  • oh, okies, let me try again, it's the Qt setup (via the installer), then under Qt Embedded, there're a few options for Boot to Qt Software Stack, that includes BSP like BeagleBone Black, Raspberry Pi 3 etc.. And one of the options includes Emulator which i'd like to install as well. When I selected this option and click next, the error message prompts:

    "VirtualBox was not found on your computer. It is needed to install the Emulator of this SDK. Install VirtualBox first or deselect all Emulator components."

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    @embdev Well, the error messages already says what you have to do. Did you try to install VirtualBox?

  • Actually I already had virtualbox installed on Windows; somehow the installer can't detect the software

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    You are installing Qt in a an Ubuntu in Virtual Box. That Ubuntu has absolutely no idea it is running inside a virtual machine.

    You are currently expecting that the Linux Qt installer detects your Windows installed Virtual Box from within a Linux guest and use it inside that guest which is just not possible at all.

  • Actually previously when installing on 32-bit Ubuntu, with the emulator option selected, the boot2qt was installed on virtualbox automatically but now when I tried to install the emulator in 64-bit Ubuntu, virtualbox was somewhat not detected.

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    @embdev Is your 64-bit Ubuntu running inside a virtual machine in VirtualBox? If so then as @SGaist said it just cannot work.

  • @jsulm yes you're right, my Ubuntu is running inside my virtual machines. Perhaps slip off my mind, I might have installed my Qt previously in the windows environment, that explains why the boot2qt was installed into the virtualbox itself.

    Thanks for the clarification!

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