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Bluetooth QML chat example not working

  • Hello,

    I am trying to understand the basic communication using chat qml. I am using EH-MC10 bluetooth module.
    The App is able to see my device but nothing shows up on screen it tells me to restart the app again.

    Why ? shouldn't I be able to use the service that it is detecting or am I mistaken.

    //your code here
    D/BluetoothLeScanner( 3831): onScanResult() - ScanResult{mDevice=00:EA:18:00:A6:0C, mScanRecord=ScanRecord [mAdvertiseFlags=6, mServiceUuids=[11223344-5566-7788-99aa-bbccddeeff00], mManufacturerSpecificData={}, mServiceData={}, mTxPowerLevel=8, mDeviceName=EH-MC10], mRssi=-47, mTimestampNanos=20569652398039}
    D/BluetoothAdapter( 3831): stopLeScan()```

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