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Very basic noob question: uninstall Qt

  • I'm sorry, I'm not a developer, just a noob with linux trying to build some software (supercollider) from source under ubuntu 16.04. The instructions I'm following led me to do a full install of 5.6.1 from the website, but I don't think I needed that! Firstly, apparently there are apparently 'known issues' with supercollider and Qt > 5.6 and also, apparently, my ubuntu install probably had Qt 5.5.1 already, that would have been sufficient.

    So, I'm looking for simple instuctions to get back from 5.6.1 to something earlier. (Although I'm not a programmer, I am capable of following instructions and using the terminal, if that helps!)


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    No need for the terminal. Start the maintenance tool application and select "remove all" and voilĂ  :)

    Happy hacking !

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