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How can i make app for Symbian s60v3 with qt ?

  • I want to make it ? But i can't found guide for that. I know , symbian is old mobile system but i love symbian. And i want to make application for symbian s60v3 ? How can i make it ? I know qt enough.

  • As far as I know, you can't, because:

    1. There is no version of Qt SDK available anymore that supports Symbian
    2. If you'd manage to find an old SDK, the SDK requires a certificate for your application and those are not available anymore either

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    Hi @takoo,

    I don't know where to find a downloadable version of Qt for Symbian, but here are instructions to compile it yourself:

    You will need to get the Qt 4.x source code (because Qt 5 is probably incompatible with Symbian). You'll also need to find a copy of the S60 Platform SDK.

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