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Push Notifications in Qt

  • In Qt there's no clear cut solution to using push notifications in apps other than the referral to use V-Play's plugins
    Obviously not everyone wants to use that not that I'm against this rather its a case of knowing why.
    So if i may inquire what does it take to implement a library around something like Onesignal's push notifications service
    I believe that most developers have been wanting to know this.
    Also is it possible to use V-play's plugins in non-V-Play based projects as in the case of existing solutions that are already written in Qt that want to add push notifications to it as an add-on without having to make it a V-Play app

  • Please vote for
    QTBUG-44804 [iOS] [Android] Add an API to Qt for sending push notifications

    We've implemented Google Cloud Messaging for Android, but not for Windows and iOS yet in our Qt app. A Qt lib for all this would be great.

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