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Signal/slot and GIF

  • I'm sending (checkBoxRiver) as a signal (pressed()) to a receiver (toolButtonRiver) as a slot (toggle()). I am wanting it to be able to turn on/off at my desire. I will have a Building, Roads, & Railroad layer on top of this. It NOT working. My GIFs are correct. It shows up blank (River.gif) in the actual running of it. Is it in icon (normal off)? [link text](link url)

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    @scralings said:

    As far as i know, the icon theme and "icon normal" etc is only working in linux.

    Those icons are for state of button, on/off/ selected etc and i do not think it
    will be used with Toggle() as that is for the Checkable part.

    Is a toolbutton really good for this?

    Using a custom widget should much easier overall.

  • @mrjj said:

    custom widget

    What is the custom widget? I am new to this....

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    A custom widget is a widget you build yourself by e.g. aggregating other widgets or doing custom painting.

    Can you share your current code ? That will make things easier to help.

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