Can't grab image of WebView on Android

  • Hi,
    I'm developing an application where I need to use WebView QML component to display simple formatted HTML file (TextEdit with RIchText style is not enough - it is not able to set background to whole table row). Also I have to implement menu, which overlaps WebView component. Because overlapping WebView is impossible, I grab image of webview component, hide webview and show grabbed image instead. It works on Windows, but on android it grabs transparent image of correct dimensions. Should I report this as a bug or is this problem related to unability to overlap webview? I've also tried this with qt5.6.1 and 5.7 with same result. Thanks for advice

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    the webview on mobile platforms is an "empty" qml element.
    This empty qml element is used to position/layout and communicate with the native webview. This native webview is placed on top of your QML view.

    So this should make it clear why you have these problems?

  • @raven-worx Thank you, it's cleart to me now. One more question - is there any possibility of grabing image of webview on android excent taking screenshot and cropping it? I know this solution is not ideal, but can't rewrite whole app and its UI logic now.

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