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QtWebEngineProcess.exe immediately crashing on some PCs

  • Hi, I upgraded Qt from 5.5 to 5.7 and ported WebKit to QtWebEngine. Turns out, though, that some users are unable to run our app and not even a minimal example. The people use various OS (Windows 7, Windows 10). The problem occurs even when trying to simply run QtWebEngineProcess.exe - we always get the "Application has stopped working" with faulty module being Qt5WebEngineCore.dll.

    This is a real blocker for us, because some users that were able to play our game while using Qt 5.5 with WebKit are unable to play now. Is this a known issue? Is there anything we can do? Thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Okay, after four days of research, turns out the specific DLL - Qt5WebEngineCore.dll doesn't like being compressed by UPX. It's not noticeable immediately, but on approx. 10 % of PCs the QtWebEngineProcess simply crashes.

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