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What is the best way to display and interact with a 3D mesh?

  • My usecase scenario is to display several relatively complex 3D objects (in STL or other mesh format) in a view and associate animations and transitions to them. I need to enable use to interact with the 3D model -- for example allow them to pan and zoom. I am planning to gradually add more parts and interaction to my 3D scene, hoping that eventually I create something simillar to this demo:

    Looking at the various 3D code examples I can identify a couple of ways to do this:

    • I should be able to export my mesh objects to json files and load them into a canvas3d
    • I should be able to use several different rendering techniques in Qt3D to display and interact with my mesh

    Are both of these valid choices? Is there an advantage in using one or the other in this scenario? Are there other libraries in Qt I should look into? I am still exploring Qt and pretty new, so I would appreciate any advice!

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