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QTableView drag columns to move them

  • I'm using Qt 5.7 and am trying to move columns around by dragging them. Googling this I find that setSectionsMovable(true); should do the trick, but it doesn't.

    In my setup I have the following


    This does everything that I want except allow me to drag columns around. What more needs to be done?


  • Hi mjsurette,
    I think, because it is a view linked with a model, you have to implement some current model function with that be possible. You setting the view, you may have also to setting the model now.

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    texte du lien
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    hope this will help you, tell us/share your solution when fixed.

  • Thank you @jerome_isAviable for your reply. I did check out your links, but sadly they were of no help.

    Changing the model in order to change the view breaks the whole model-view concept of separating the data from the display. Changing the model would change all views, not just the current one. Having movable columns should be on a per view basis for what I want.

    Your first link involves changing the model as you suggest, which is not what I need.

    The second link suggests calling setColumnMovingEnabled() which is the Qt3 equivalent of setSectionsMovable() if I'm reading this right.

    Any other thoughts?

    I will post the solution if/when I find it.


  • Well, it now works. The problem is I don't know how. I started working on another feature and when I came back to this it was working. There is no call to setSectionsMovable(). I did a grep on 'mov' and only two results, neither of which have anything to do with this.

    For now, this is a mystery.

  • After much experimentation and some luck I found the solution to this mystery.

    On startup I had


    which restored invalid information from previous sessions with different layouts. Clearing the database of previous sessions brought back the proper behaviour.


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