Weird QComboBox behaviour under Qt 5.5.1 linuxfb platform (Yocto build for imx6UL)

  • I am getting weird behaviour of QComboBox when using Qt 5.5.1 linuxfb platform on an embedded linux Freescale imx6ul board. I am using a Yocto build for the embedded distribution.
    I need to rotate my application by 90 degrees on the screen, so I use QGraphicsScene and QGraphicsView.
    This is a solution I have found online.
    Relevant code:

    QGraphicsScene *scene = new QGraphicsScene();
    QGraphicsView *view = new QGraphicsView(parent);
    view->setGeometry(0,0,800,480); // actual Display size
    QGraphicsProxyWidget *proxy = scene->addWidget(this);

    But then when I press on the QComboBox, the list of items gets displayed in the wrong position.
    When I compile the exactly same code for Qt 5.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 desktop, I do not have this weird behaviour.

    I attach the relevant part of a screenshot to illustrate the problem.

    Any useful comments and solutions would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, if you know a better alternative way of how to rotate an entire Qt5 Qt Widget application on linuxfb platform, that would also be of great use.

    Link to screenshot:

  • Hi, welcome to the Qt forum! Please file a bug report:

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