Scroll mobile webpage in QWebView - no scrollbars

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    When i load a normal or some mobile webpages into a QWebView I can scroll using the mouse wheel or PgDn/PgUp keys as well as using the arrow keys - as expected. I have set the scroll bars to appear as needed - Qt::ScrollBarAsNeeded - works perfect.

    With some mobile webpages, no scroll bars appear although the page is higher than a single screen and can be scrolled down. I tested this with IE and a faked UA - no scroll bars appear and it can still be scrolled down.

    With QWebView, I can not find a way to scroll down in these pages. Wheel, PgDn and arrow keys do not work.

    Any suggestions how to scroll in these pages?
    This is Qt 4.6.3 on eLinux.

  • Nobody ever seen such an effect, really?

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    Qt 4.6.3 is pretty old not to mention outdated. You should take a look at the bug report system to see if there something about it.

  • Hi Samuel

    I'll look there.
    I know it's very old - it's in a product that it's at the end of it's life-cycle and therefore moving to a newer version seems too much of an effort. Qt with directFB on a eLinux STB-HW platform with manufacturer adapted drivers ... until this runs stable with a later Qt .. ;-)

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  • Could not find anything.