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Const double * to QVector<double>

  • Hello,
    i got a pointer to an array with double values. But i need the values in a QVector.

    const double *array = externObject->getArray();
    QVector<double> myArray = array;// how to solve this problem

    I can do a for loop, but it doesn't look very well:

    QVector<double> myArray;
    for(int i = 0; i < externObject->arrayCount(); i++) {
      myArray << externObject->getArray()[i];

    Is there a better way to do that?


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    int count = externObject->arrayCount();
    const double * array = externObject->getArray();
    QVector<double> myArray(count);
    ::memcpy(, array, count * sizeof(double));

  • your solution is more than acceptable, an alternative is:

    QVector<double> myArray(externObject->arrayCount());
    std::copy(array,array + externObject->arrayCount(),myArray.begin());

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    you implicitly already showed that it isn't possible with an assignment operator only. (Edit: but i guess that's not what you were after afterall?)
    In your loop you used arrayCount() to determine the item count. How would you do it in the assignment operator?

  • Thanks everybody for the replies.

    I recognized that i need to modify some values. However the loop seems the best way! Thanks a lot!

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