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qwidget resize function

  • hello,
    Let's say i resize a widget to(700,700) and it's inside a widget that is inside a scroll area why is the size that is set not independant of the screen? on a smaller screen it will set a smaller height...
    How can I make it independent?

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    How did you put that widget inside that other widget inside that scroll area ?

  • @SGaist there is a widget that is the main widget of the mainwindow(called widgettest) inside it there is 5 subwidgets each having a subSubwidget insde them
    I tam trying to resize the subSub widgets

    scroll = new QScrollArea(this);// seting Main Window as the parent of the widget that contains evrithing                       
    this->setCentralWidget(scroll);// setiing that widget as the central widget;
    scroll->setWidget(ui->widgettest);// widget test is the random widget that contains evrithing
    scroll->setWidgetResizable(true);// this makes the iwdgets as big as possible

    but my question when you resize a widget is with resize(int w, int h) is w and h in pixels? or something else? is the reize independent of the screnn? if I do subsubwidget->resize(500,500); it's always gonna be 500 pixels by 500?

    also main window applys a layout to the widgettest and idget test applys a layout to the subwidgets and the subsubwidgets have a layout inside the sub widgets wich delete at run time to resize..

    thank you

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    It's in pixel.

    QMainWindow doesn't apply any particular layout. It will resize the central widget if you resize the window.

    If you want to handle the size of your sub-sub widget by hand, you should not put it in a layout otherwise it's the layout manager that will manage the size and position of it.

  • @SGaist yes but the thing is that I delete the layout of the sub widget of the subsubwidget and then reaply it after I resize the subsubwidget you think I should not reaplly it? the ting is my subwidget has a minimum size of 1000 pixels I dont understand why on a smaller sccreen it does not take that minimum size and shrinks to 800..

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    just a thought
    did u call setMinimumH/W on the widget?

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