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GUI creation guidance / HTML+JS?

  • Hello,
    I'm a JS developer collaborating with C++ people in building image processing software.

    I'm afraid C-like languages are not my own business (zero problems in admitting that), yet I've been told that Qt supports the creation of HTML/JS GUIs. My task would be to design them and, I would say, write the JS code that acts as a glue between the UI and the C++ layer.

    I looked at the Qt framework documentation, but at first it is... a tiny bit overwhelming – possibly because I've a very different background from the standard Qt developer. I've seen there is a Qt WebEngine that is very likely what I will have to deal with, but it's not at all clear to me how to get started.

    First aid suggestions are welcome; my needs are way too basics, so I guess a dedicated list of Doc links will be a good starting point – yet since I'm not shy the kind of questions I have, in random order, would be like:

    – Is my task feasible, or I would need at least some C++ skills to set up things?
    – Can I start with a blank Qt project, or I need a half-baked one from my C++ colleagues?
    – Is there an IDE for building HTML/JS interfaces?
    – Etc. etc.

    I'm not eager to look like a complete newbie in this subject, but this is what I currently am: my C++ friends are presenting me the task as somehow too simple to be realistic (like "just tweak some CSS files from a template we have and it'll be OK").
    Having built lots of Photoshop panels over the years (HTML/CSS with JS acting as a glue from the Chromium Embedded Framework and the PS layer – a quite similar scenario, apparently) I strongly suspect that their view is way too optimistic :-)

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide and best regards

    – Davide Barranca

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    yes you can start simply with Qt WebEngine.
    For the communication between JS and C++ you need 2 more modules:

    1. Qt WebChannel
    2. Qt WebSocket

    the doc pages are also showing some examples to get you started.

  • @raven-worx Thank you for pointing me to the proper documentation pages – I'll have a look at them asap.
    If the project actually takes off, I'll be a regular in the forums :-)

    Best regards,
    – Davide

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